Residential Services

From low income, to high-rise luxury properties, NJB has 30 years experience in dealing with the critical need for security in residential properties.

We can help owners, property managers, boards, and committees analyze their individual security needs, and then implement the entire security program.

NJB carefully studies the unique needs of a complex,then tailors a security program to fit the style and management of a building.

From the "soft-look" lobby style, with officers in blazers and business attire, to the more disciplined look, of a military “police look”, NJB will work with you to achieve the objectives and challenges of your building.

For each property, NJB prepares a detailed set of POST ORDERS for the security staff. These post orders become the operating rules of the complex for all security personnel.

NJB Supervisory personnel check each site on a daily basis,24x7 ! This practice ensures compliance with your directives and provides a check on all NJB personnel assigned to your site.

You can also Contact NJB for more details.